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Uncategorized Protecon todayJune 21, 2019

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Business to Consumer

Consumers are not just individuals in the world seeking your products, they are also small business and large corporations. How do you provide that secure and ease of access while providing security and compliance?

This is a common question and a good one. If you suspect your current Consumer Identity and Access Management solution may be inadequate, you are not alone.

Many companies are worried about making sure that their customer’s personal information is secure and that consumers can access the applications and carts securely with a friendly end user experience. A lot of overhead comes from having to manage those identities as well as secure them and to manage your own corporate identities and provide the same level of security.

The Solution

Customer Identity and Access Management

Azure Active Directory B2C is a cloud identity service  allowing you to connect to any customer who puts your brand first.  Governments and enterprises worldwide are using Azure Active Directory B2C to serve their applications to their citizens and customers with  fully customizable experiences, while protecting their identities at the  same time. Built on Azure Active Directory, the highly-secure cloud  identity platform that handles billions of authentications per day,  Azure Active Directory B2C offers that same scale, reliability, and  availability for your customer-facing applications.

Here at Protecon, we make the configuration and onboarding of Azure Active Directory B2C a very simple process. We provide best practices on user sign up, sign in, profile editing and password reset. You can choose from a simple Out-of-Box experience or we can fully customize the user journey.

Protecon provides additional add-on services for Azure AD B2C that no other partner offers. We offer custom reporting and if you have many brands and applications that your consumers need to access, we offer a Single Sign-On portal for your consumers to access the applications that they need to access all from one place. We follow GDPR compliance standard and provide automated ways for your consumers to satisfy those requirements.

Protecon is working on a fully functioning demo that will be posted on the site shortly.

Written by: Protecon

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