Who We Are

We are architects, lead engineers and deployment and migration experts that integrate cloud solutions with your infrastructure securely.

Our team is comprised of only experienced team leads, senior engineers, architects and migration experts from the cloud side and from the traditional infrastructure side. We combined these experienced talents into a single implementation team.

This team dynamic has been extremely beneficial for organizations when integrating their on-premises infrastructure with cloud solutions. We know both sides wll. This has create a great resource for organizations unique production environments and a great work environment for our team. Our team has been a powerful resource in sharing real-world strategies & solutions when migrating organizations to the cloud with modern security.

We are the people that leaders and project managers count on to
design and successfully implement solutions

Our company name ‘Protecon’ is derived from the word ‘protean’ which means ‘tending or able to change frequently or easily’. It represents both the dynamic impact that data, automation and machine learning are having on our ever-at-risk digital world.

Our reputation is important to us and we are proud of ours. Due to our caliber of work we are often referred to others by clients we work with. We take this as a compliment and value our reputation.

We truly partner with your organization to provide the perfect custom solutions for you
We provide partners and clients with trusted advice that is without bias