Protecon-as-a-Service (PRaaS) – Simplify Your Services Management

PRasS is a full traditional managed services option. This offering provides services both Azure and traditional managed services such as onsite support, servers, workstations and networking equipment. PRass is a full support solution for organizations that want to outsource their IT support to focus on their business. Our experienced professionals have decades of experience managing IT environments.

Our Azure Managed Services are a cost-effective solution that allows your organization to take advantage of modern Azure and Office 365 cloud technologies. Learning these new technologies takes time and experience. Our experienced staff paves the way and provides the expertise needed to design, implement and maintain secure Azure and Office 365 solutions.

We deploy and manage Azure and O365 services for you allowing your internal staff to focus on your company’s business and its needs. Contact us for more information.

Managed Services
         Azure Managed Services – We do it for you

Why Us?

Our reputation is important to us and we are proud of ours. Due to our caliber of work we are often referred to others by clients we work with. We take this as the highest compliment and value our relationships.
With each engagement we aim to exceed expectations and truly become your long term trusted advisor.