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Migrating to the cloud? Need to migrate from one Azure AD Tenant to another? Need to migrate to SharePoint Online? Want to migrate from Okta to Azure AD? There are many solutions out there claiming to make migrations easy, but they do not get down to the most important part. Any tool can migrate data, but what about before the migration?


Let the experts at Protecon do all of the planning for you and migrate the data for a fraction of the cost!

What We Do!

We perform Exchange to Exchange Online and Office 365/Azure ‘Tenant to Tenant’ migrations. We simplify MS Office rollouts, integrate your on-premise apps to Azure providing Software as a Service (SaaS) and provide Modern IT transformation to a new Modern IT Desktop and Application Management Model on Azure (IaaS).

Talk to us about our holistic approach to migrating to the cloud with modern security. Our custom tools migrate you to the cloud rapidly and securely.

Whether Hybrid Exchange Migrations, a complete ERP Migration or you need Planning Services…

Ask about our popular Rapid POC and Rapid Deployment migrations

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Quick Services Overview

Migrations Overview
Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
Microsoft Tenant to Tenant
Azure AD Identity/B2B/B2C
3rd Party IDP to Azure AD
SharePoint Migrations
Migrations Overview

What are the three most important parts for any migration?

Planning, Planning, Planning...


Protecon specializes in the planning of migrations. Through our proprietary tool, we can plan a migration very quickly and can begin migrating in a matter of days.
Anyone can move data with a push of a button, but without proper planning and redundancy, a migration can go sideways really fast and that means loss of productivity for your company meaning lost revenue.
Security Policies can also be migrated from one platform to another, maintaining the current security policy that you have invested so much time into.

Let Protecon handle the heavy lifting for your next migration!



Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Most companies know what a nightmare it is for M.A.D. processes. Do You?

After a merger, acquisition or a divestiture, it’s a major challenge for the affected companies to create a workable and sustainable environment with all relevant information in their total systems. Without doing so, it can hurt business productivity, hinder easy access to data and sometimes create compliance issues.
The ultimate solution could be to consolidate or migrate from one system to another in order to maintain compliance to regulatory requirements, while decreasing operating costs. The trouble is, to the business community – especially senior management, migrating data seems like it should be an easy task. After all, it’s just moving data from one system to the other, right? Maybe, but probably not. That’s because systems within the combined company will most likely be incompatible. There may be applications using the same technology platforms, but be on different versions. One system could be out-of-the-box while the other could be highly customized. Data could be stored in multiple geographic locations. The quality of the data from one (or both) company(ies) could be very poor. And on and on it goes.

Let Protecon provide an initial assessment of your environment so that you know all there is to know about what needs to be done!


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Microsoft Tenant to Tenant

For our Microsoft Tenant to Tenant offering, Protecon utilizes proprietary scripts and programs to plan your identity and mapping in preparation for your migration

Protecon can map your identities, your user profiles for SharePoint Online, migrate your Microsoft Teams and Office 365 groups, configure all of your settings just like in your current configuration and so much more. We can do this with expediency and have you ready to migrate in as little as 2 weeks.
On top of this, we provide a full current security review of your existing configuration to ensure that you are up to the current standards of security in your cloud deployment.
Currently, Protecon utilizes 3rd party migration tools to move the data. We have custom scripts for these 3rd party tools that interact with your tenant and with the tools to allow for an expedient migration planned out completely. Stay tuned for the release of Protecon's own migration tool, where we pass the savings onto our customers with a project based migration instead of a license based migration. Save thousands of dollars.

Let Protecon Handle the intricacies of Tenant to Tenant migrations for you!

*Due to current limitations with Microsoft, not all items can be migrated with ease and a manual process needs to be completed such as Microsoft Stream and Teams Chat messages. Please ask us what is feasible.
Azure AD Identity/B2B/B2C

Protecon has established itself as one of the top Azure AD B2C partners.

Nothing is more important than your internal users, partners and customers PII information and securing it with IAM and Consumer and Identity Access Management is key.
Protecon is highly experienced in taking your identity security scenarios and putting them into practice by helping to enable you to satisfy those security needs with Azure Active Directory. The same security settings can be applied to your Business to Business dealings. If you are currently using a 3rd party identity provider and have Microsoft 365, you are missing out on saving some money for enterprise grade features that a currently in Azure AD.

But how do you switch platforms that allow you to put the same security on your consumers?

Protecon not only provides full customization of Azure AD B2C, but we also can take your existing consumer information database and migrate it securely to Azure AD B2C. The kicker is when you migrate, how do your users have a seamless experience? We have custom workflows to put in place to allow for same sign on with existing credentials, or to cross reference existing credentials in a secure database and prompt consumers to self complete their migration by resetting their password.

Let Protecon help you move off of your old consumer access platform and realize the unlimited potential that Azure AD B2C provides!

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3rd Party IDP to Azure AD

Have you purchased an M365 plan from Microsoft but are still using a 3rd party Identity provider?

Why not make good use of your investment by migrating from that IDP to Azure AD. Protecon has completed hundreds of migrations from 3rd party IDPs to Azure AD. We employ automation to allow for a relatively quick and painless migration.
We make it simple to get a quote for these services. We send a form that you fill out with the applications that you are using and the requirements for those applications and we can give you a Rough Order of Magnitude within a couple of days.
Some of our automation are from Okta to AAD which allow us to peer into Okta and automatically create the applications in Azure AD and semi-configure them so 90% of the migration is complete in a matter of days.

Move at lightning speed to Azure AD from Okta!

SharePoint Migrations

There are a lot of intricacies to migrating SharePoint

There is a specific process to migrate so you maintain the look and feel of of your intranet. Top level sites and sub sites need to be moved. User data needs to be moved from file shares or my-sites to OneDrive plus the provisioning of all required services in Office 365 to allow for a data move.
Protecon uses proprietary scripts to plan and migrate your implementation to SharePoint Online at breakneck speeds. This is a big step in becoming more redundant with the cloud. Protecon utilizes many tools for migration but we do have recommendations for throughput and that our scripts work natively with.

Ask Protecon how we can accelerate your move to the cloud!




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Email migration to Exchange Online is the first stepping stone to the cloud.

Protecon has completed thousands of mailbox migration from on premises Exchange and from 3rd party hosted services to Exchange online. Protecon utilize proprietary scripts to help plan, manage and migrate data to the cloud in conjunction with 3rd party tools when needed. We can help you get set up in a hybrid configuration and batch the appropriate users together for a seamless migration.
Ultimately, you need a partner with experience in moving your data to the cloud. Protecon provides a comprehensive migration experience.

Contact us today to find out how easy it is to move to the cloud.


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