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A.R.M. yourself with Protecon


Getting to deployment and active usage of new or existing solutions in your environment is an important task. Deployment of Microsoft Cloud Solutions is one of our core competencies. We understand this need and have developed a series of best practices for your Microsoft cloud deployments.  In doing so we enable you to be up and running in a short amount of time. Partner with Protecon for a winning deployment strategy.

Our ‘Rapid Security’ program designs and implements a fully configured modern security model in seconds! The experts at Protecon have been around digital security and its implementations for many years. We know what is needed to be done when it comes to configuring your cloud environment and to secure it.

Take the guess work out of deploying Microsoft Intune or Entra ID IAM and let Protecon set up your configuration for you. You will begin testing and tweaking the configuration to your liking in minutes.

We have performed many implementations of Intune Enterprise Mobility + Security and B2C-B2B.  Through these experiences we have identified the common security standards of each industry.

We know and share with you our experiences and deploy all the modern security standards that organizations just like yours deploy


We deploy with speed to Microsoft Intune for Mobile Device Management and Entra ID and Identity and Access Management. We have configured many implementations for EMS and have taken down the best practices that we have discovered for each type of Industry. A common question we get is 

“What is the other guy doing?” We know how and what to deploy to meet all of your digital security needs.

Instead of learning before you can try Microsoft Intune or Entra ID IAM, let us get you configured and you can begin testing and tweaking the configuration in minutes.


Use case scenarios to review and implement
Change management templates
Full testing documents based on your specific configurations
Planning Templates
Communication campaign templates
Customizable end-user documentation

Our ‘Rapid’ security program implements a fully configured modern security model in seconds!

Quick Services Overview

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RAPID everything. It's what we do.

Here at Protecon, we live by a rapid and efficient method called A.R.M. the Accelerated Rapid Model. We apply this to every engagement whether it be deploying to new cloud services, developing new programs and systems or simplifying processes. We are in a constant improvement mindset at all times and we apply all past learning to all new and existing engagements.

A 'code' we live by!

We take pride in providing RAPID deployment and development services to get you on the road to full deployment and maximum adoption of your services.

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Rapid Automation, Innovation & Development.

Protecon strives to be the best deployment partner anywhere and to do so, we are flexible.

We are scripters, developers and future oriented thinkers which enable us to be ahead of the curve and place ourselves on the bleeding edge of the space.

Let Protecon take care of all of your architectural design, automation and development needs!

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Cloud Managed Services - Take a load off

Protecon is a full M365 managed service provider. we affectionately call this service Protecon as a Service or PRaaS.

Let Protecon handle the day to day cloud tech operations of your business or simply engage us for issues with services that may arise, and we will get you a resolution and to a steady state as quickly as we can!