Microsoft 365 features for Education

Assist students in enhancing their education skills. 


Assist students in enhancing their education skills.  Microsoft’s inclusive classroom tools can enhance your students’ reading proficiency, increase their concentration, and allow them to learn at a pace that suits them. 


Enable students to enhance their writing skills with inclusive writing tools.
These tools can aid in more efficient writing, enable quick and precise editing, and support independent work.


Foster math confidence in students with inclusive tools. 
Discover how these math features cater to various learning styles by offering resources that enhance understanding of mathematical problems and solutions, while allowing students to progress at a comfortable pace. 


Enhance communication with students and their parents.
Learn how to use live captions and subtitles during presentations, facilitating multilingual group discussions, and offering individual translation services. 

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Protecon offers tailored education and business consulting services for both businesses and educational establishments. Through our educational programs, we provide comprehensive training sessions, workshops, and resources aimed at enhancing cyber security knowledge and skills among staff and students alike. Our experienced consultants work closely with organizations to assess their unique needs and challenges, providing personalized guidance and strategic recommendations to strengthen cyber security measures. Whether you’re looking to enhance staff capabilities, develop customized training programs, or establish robust security protocols, Protecon is your trusted partner in achieving cyber security excellence for your business or educational institution.

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