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Secure. Customize. Add-On. Integrate.

We specialize in secure B2C and B2B solutions on Azure.  Grow your business with our secure B2C and B2B solutions.

Governments and businesses worldwide are using Azure Active Directory B2C to provide applications to their citizens and customers with fully customizable experiences. We implement Azure Active Directory B2C allowing you to grow your business. This in turn allows you to connect to any customer who puts your brand first.

Built on Azure Active Directory, the highly secure cloud identity platform that handles billions of authentications per day, Azure Active Directory B2C offers that same scale, reliability, and availability for your customer-facing applications.


Do you sell products and services through a portal?

Do you want to allow consumers to access your site to view and update information about themselves?

There has been an increased demand for our secure B2C and B2B cloud solutions as businesses seek to grow in today’s world. Management of identity servers on-premises and being in industry compliance can be a daunting task.

B2B – IAM – We show you how to manage your Identity.  Let us show you how to grow and scale your business with the implementation of secure solutions for your corporate cloud directory.

B2C – CIAM – Protecon integrates a custom configuration of your consumers experience with all your customer facing applications.

Protecon enhances Azure AD B2C by providing ‘custom user journeys’ with fully branding ability. We customize how the users register, sign-in, edit their profile and provide a self-service option to reset their passwords.


Fully customized branded sign-up
Registration with multi-validation
Metrics for companies you do business with
Managing B2C Identities Training
Consumer lifecycle management
Full translation of pages
3rd Party Email Integrations for Verification
B2C Troubleshooting

Protecon provides a self-service solution allowing users to change their e-mail address without setting up a new account!
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